Applying Lessons of Loss

Through his father’s death, writer learned how to accompany those suffering from grief

‘Amoris Laetitia’: A Challenge for Priests

Pope Francis speaks to the clergy about accompaniment

‘If You Can Make It, So Can I’

We must embrace our weaknesses to find our strengths

Four steps for Christian discipleship in Advent

As we await the birth of Christ, let us practice actions that welcome others and draw ...

The Mass

A detailed explanation of the parts of the Catholic liturgy, from introduction to ...

Looking beyond the surface

Solid moral values are vital in a secular world

Smiling in the Trees

Make time to appreciate and cherish creation in this digital world

Story of a Life

Appreciate friends and family every day

An Old Mule and A Horse

'God time' happens when we reflect on life's true meaning

Life’s Rainbow

Material possessions can never satisfy the deepest yearnings of the human heart.


The "stuff of our salvation" occurs in life's everyday events

The Environment: Garbage Heap or Paradise

We are called to care for the earth and its inhabitants

What’s Your Choice?

Jesus asks us, too: "Do you want to leave?"

God’s Kitchen

We gather at the Eucharist to join our hearts with Jesus, who invites us to eat his ...

A Woodland Revelation

The Church is like a woodland trail that keeps us on the path toward God.
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