"As the parish leader who prepares children for their reception of First Eucharist, I would like to have 'Family First Communions' rather than the group experience on Saturday. I know many of the parents will not want to do this. My pastor has told me that it is fine but I need to work with the parents. Do you have any ideas about how to make this change?"

My first advice is, “Go slowly.” When you meet with the parents, give them some background about how it would be more appropriate to celebrate First Eucharist on Sunday so that the entire parish can show support and be included in the celebration. After all, this is a parish celebration. Offer parents a choice for the first year of being part of the traditional Saturday group celebration or choosing a mass on a number of Sundays (depending on the number of children) to celebrate as a family. The first year may have the traditional celebration as the most wanted. However, my experience was that, by the third year the “group celebration” was so small the parents opted not to have one at all.