"I am a Catholic man and am engaged to a Presbyterian woman. We are planning to get married in a Catholic Church. Before we marry, is it important for me and my future spouse to discuss the religion in which our children are to be baptized? What do you recommend?"

Before you marry, I strongly recommend that you discuss the faith in which your children are to be baptized and raised. Often, mixed-marriage couples, not wanting to face potential friction over this matter between themselves and their parents of different faiths, avoid the issue before marriage. They often presume that it can be resolved after marriage. This is a mistake. When children come, spouses sometimes put off the baptism, not wanting to get into a serious argument over the baby’s baptism or face opposition from their parents. This issue will most likely be part of the marriage preparation by the Catholic parish minister.  I encourage you to discuss this important issue with your fiancée during engagement, letting her know that you are asked to promise to do all in your power to have all the children baptized and raised in the Catholic faith. (Code of Canon Law, 1125 #1) How engaged couples handle this issue tells them much about how they will handle other challenges after marriage.