Large families do not represent a lack of education but are a beautiful witness to the ...

Images of fatherhood to nourish Catholics

As toxic models of manhood abound, look to art and the saints for what it truly means ...

Can Catholic couples choose childlessness?

The Church’s understanding of the call of marriage is key to answering this question

When it comes to the question of dining out, know thyself

On Mike Pence's decision to not eat a meal with a female other than his wife

Woes of child poverty

How the breakdown of marriage-related values are proving to be most dangerous to ...

Our journey home

Searching for grace as our vacation neared its conclusion

Gay marriage divides Anglican Communion

Leaders sanction Episcopal Church over decision to allow clergy to participate in ...

Are womb transplants immoral?

A new procedure that could help women get pregnant raises ethical questions

A Church of reverence

Unworthy or irreverent reception of the Eucharist is not something that the Church ...

The worldwide crisis of population decline

Part of an ongoing narrative, a recent U.N. report shows drop in average global ...

Test your Catholic marriage IQ

Do you know these five essential facts about Catholic marriage?

Kentucky clerk’s objection shouldn’t be dismissed

Casually overriding an appeal to conscience is a response worthy of a totalitarian state

Pope firm on marriage

‘Who am I to judge’ remark is often taken out of context, but his support of marriage ...
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