The Sacraments of Healing today

The mysteries of God’s healing power offer the Church ways to reach those hurting

Forgotten sins

The Church trusts God’s mercy in serving people, even those who are comatose or have ...

TCA Tuesday – February 14, 2017

Your questions answered on baptism, the Holy Spirit, heaven and angels

Intimately good

In marriage, couples exchange a right to expect a reasonable recourse to sexual intimacy

The Blessed Sacrament

‘Come in, please. Sit down and let’s talk!’

10 things you didn't know about the Eucharist

The source and summit of our faith, there is always more to discover about the mystery ...

Exploring purgatory

Scripture, Tradition clearly spell out the fact and the need for most to undergo ...

Test your Catholic marriage IQ

Do you know these five essential facts about Catholic marriage?
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