Lord Jesus, this is the start of a new catechetical year. How is my faith, Lord? How can it be new? What do You have in store for me? How will You touch me this year? How will I touch You? Lead me, Lord. Help me to know what I should want from You and help me to know what You want from me.

Pick apart this prayer on a daily basis with your elementary kids this catechetical year. Grab a journal for each one, or have them create a journal from loose leaf paper and construction paper for a cover. Familiarize them with the habit of examining their consciences. No, not for daily confession! Examining our consciences is good for us to do every day. Pick a time in the morning and encourage them to look on the previous day:

  • How did I live my faith yesterday, Lord?
  • Did I strengthen my faith by “stepping out” in any way?
  • Did I do something, or not do something, that hurt my faith?
  • Did You touch me in some way yesterday, Lord? How?
  • Did I touch You? How?

Direct them to write a least a few thoughts each day. End with this prayer together or individually:

My Jesus, You want me to come closer and closer to You. You want me to know You as well as You know me. Teach me, Lord, who I am and who I can become. I am excited to see who You are going to make of me. Forgive me for being mean and rude. Forgive me for hurting ________________ (if praying together, just provide quiet time for students at this point) when I _________________. Thank You for helping me to _______________________. Remind me often to come to You for strength to do what’s right and to grow in wisdom and grace. Amen.