The Way of the Cross: Not only for Lent

Walking the stations and reflecting on the suffering of Jesus benefits us at all times

Lenten traditions from around the globe

See how Catholics mark the penitential season internationally, and what customs you ...

Opening the Word: Temple of the body

In Christ, God has given us the most perfect altar, but are we ready to place ...

Time for remembering

Lent has a way of drawing you into the past and recalling loved ones and old forgotten ...

Lent and the Language of Love

The season is penitential, yes, but also a tremendous gift

The Impact of a Day

This Lent, be mindful of how 24 hours can change everything

Smile — It’s Lent!

Yes, it is a penitential season, but growing closer to the Lord is — and should be — a ...

Making the most of Lent

Don’t waste this rich opportunity in the Church year to work on your own interior ...

Ideas for celebrating Mardi Gras as a family

This year, why not celebrate Valentine's Day a day early?

Your Guide To A Catholic Lent

Everything you need for a more spiritual Lent

This Lent, Pope Francis invites us to reject 'false prophets'

The pope's 2018 Lenten message is released

Resurrecting your marriage

While its struggles may feel like a long Lent, your marriage is not something you ...

Opening the Word: The wild beasts

With Jesus, even our most arid places of trial and temptation are restored to the ...
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