Pope Francis to take ‘pilgrimage of prayer’

His May trip to the Holy Land includes Muslim outreach, a peace plea, encouragement ...

Boy Scouts' policy shift opens door for alternative groups

With the ban on gay membership lifted Jan. 1, other programs see rise in numbers

Former Satanist becomes Catholic leader, teacher

David Arias now dedicates his life to spreading the Faith

Responsible Spending

How to plan a healthy financial future and use your money to honor the Lord

For big families, a good strategy is key

A family of 13 has learned to prioritize needs versus wants when it comes to deciding ...

Tithing: Don’t pass the buck

Faithful called to give portion of income to Church

A new breed of bishop for the 19th century

A stout, outspoken defender of the Faith, Archbishop John Hughes confronted a rising ...

Opening the Word: Presentation of Jesus

In his Gospel, Luke offers unique details and stories about the person and mission of ...

Ethics of divorce

Divorcing to qualify for Medicaid is not a valid moral solution to a difficult and ...

Ditch those resolutions

Instead, we need to draw closer to God by developing a ‘holy cunning,’ avoiding ...

A Catholic ecology

The availability of technology doesn’t mean that we must use it to prevent death in ...

Letters to the Editor for February 2, 2014

Faith formation, abortion, pro-life, and Catholic schools

Editorial: A call for vigilance in clergy sex abuse

'It is not the Church we know or the Church we want to be.'
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