The Year of Creation: Connecting people with the planet

What one diocese learned by dedicating a year to Pope Francis’ call to care for our ...

'V8s for Vocations' shows God can use 'all our gifts'

New Mexico priest turns his lifelong love of restoring classic cars into a means of ...

Editorial: Nothing put to waste

We never know how God will use our gifts.

The 'power of one': The difference one person can make

Troubling events have dominated the news cycle recently

Notching a 'Victory' for our common home

Sisters leave a legacy by acting on the ecological call of Pope Francis and preserving ...

High school thrives off Snap investment

Silicon Valley Catholic school enjoys windfall worth millions of dollars

Sowing the seeds of ‘ecological conversion’

Parish ‘green teams’ emerge in San Francisco but face challenges of inertia, indifference

The delicate balance of wealth

Scripture, Church warn of misusing money, which we are called to use wisely

The value of hard work

We are all called to use our time and our talents to the best of our ability to serve ...

Sacrifice, money go hand in hand

During season of penance, adjust priorities to reflect a growth in generosity

Ask questions before giving money to friends, family

Discernment over whether you’re helping or enabling them with a financial gift or loan ...

Don’t discount benefits of renting

While owning a home can be a blessing, it might not be best in many situations

Catholic school education well worth the sacrifices

Financing private-school tuition isn’t easy, but a little bit of economic ingenuity ...
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