Extra books in Bible?

During the Reformation, Martin Luther cut several Sacred Scriptures that backed Church ...

Tithing: Don’t pass the buck

Faithful called to give portion of income to Church

Definition of family

Historical context is needed to understand what Pope John XXIII meant when speaking of ...

Taxes on Personal Gifts

Question involves two types of taxes: income taxes and gift taxes

Literary windfall

Mitchell heir’s donation to Church brings to mind ‘Gone With the Wind’ author’s ...

Stewardship: Putting faith into action

The 10 building blocks of stewardship, and how to develop them in the Year of Faith

Rethinking Our Asking and Our Giving

For true disciples of Jesus, asking and giving become a part of our spirituality

Living the Gospel of Jesus

Christians are bound by the Lord’s own example, ‘Father, forgive them.…’
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