Minister to Yourself

To better live our vocations, we must indulge our own passions

A Cold Reminder

At inconvenient times, God makes us remember who’s in charge

Remote Cooperation

If given control, would we fast-forward our priestly lives?

A Vendor of Grace

The Church is not a marketplace, but there are lessons to learn

The Impact of a Day

This Lent, be mindful of how 24 hours can change everything

Lovesick fools

This Lent, let us be willing to love Christ like he loves us

‘Father, You Wouldn’t Understand’

The woes of priests and parishioners often are quite similar

Our Yearlong Pilgrimage

Priests can be tour guides throughout the new liturgical year

Finding Light in the Darkness

Focusing on Christ can help us navigate the inevitable dark days

Striving for Our Best Selves

As priests, are we meeting God’s expectations for our lives?

Re-energize Your Parish

End old, bad habits by thinking outside the box

The Process of Obedience

To obey in today’s culture is seen as subjective, but it is an act of love

You Can’t Please Everybody

As priests, we must weigh criticism appropriately

Our Prayer: ‘Now what?’

Trusting in God can help us take the next step in our lives

Christ’s Inaugural Address

The Sermon on the Mount continues to inspire the faithful
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