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3 easy things to do this Advent

Here's help to make Advent a family blessing

Family Advent Guide

Prepare the Way for the Lord!

The gift of prayer

To combat a growing list of wants for Christmas, our family turned to the St. Andrew ...


Church feast days and celebrations in November

Diary of a Catholic Mom: Count your blessings

Take a gratitude walk (November 2017)

For Catholic Dads: 10 Commandments for Sports Parents

Ways to stay cool when your kid is on the field (November 2017)

The Faith-filled Mom: One word at a time

Seven words to remind moms that they, too, are children of God (October 2017)

Confessions of a Catholic Dad: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Rosary

From the October 2017 issue of Family Faith on the Go

Diary of a Catholic Mom: Prayers on the first day of a new school year

Kids grow up, we get busy, but with God on our side, we can be ready

Words from a Catholic Dad: The times, they are a-changin'

Four ways to help your kids navigate their ever-changing world.

The Jesse Tree

Learn about and make a Jesse Tree for Advent, including symbols and a coloring activity.

Reasons for Hope

Meditations for the Advent Season

A Commitment to Life

My parents are pro-life to the core

Keeping families united in times of separation

The example of Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin

Inside Out

It's time to rethink where kids play
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