In God We Trust

I should have made a meme of myself. Pregnant, packing boxes; my two boys pulling at my legs, begging for snacks; the dog tearing up some precious keepsake I had pulled out to pack — all while surrounded by a giant mess. The caption would be something like, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” At that moment, I certainly felt like I wasn’t handling it.

When I got the brilliant idea to sell our house, the possibilities ahead excited me. But in the midst of the packing and loan getting and house showing, excitement turned to fear and apprehension. Not only did we have a new house on a lake to get used to, but my oldest son had a different school, our third baby was only a few months from being born, and we switched parishes for one closer to our new house. The day we closed on our house, the frustration and uncertainty surrounding the move and all the changes that came with it hit their peak as I watched my husband, driving the SUV, slide down our icy new driveway right into our new garage door.

Sitting down at lunch after that moment, my husband and I looked at each other, not knowing whether we should laugh or cry, or both. (I selected both.) We said a prayer of thanks that no one was hurt. We talked about how insane we were to be changing all of these things in our lives at the same time we were preparing to welcome our third baby. We counted our blessings and remembered that things were certainly not THAT bad. We had each other to lean on, and, more importantly, we knew that God had us right where he wanted us.

Every day God asks us to place our trust in him. Each decision we make, some without much thought, others prayerfully considered, is an opportunity for God to guide us as we, in turn, promise to trust him. Holy Week is the perfect time to think about trust. What better example of trust in God than Christ on the cross.

One year in, the house is finally starting to feel like our home. The garage door has been fixed. My oldest child is making new friends at school. Doubts about how the baby would fit in with his two older brothers have been kissed and hugged and poked and prodded away. The baby was baptized in the front of our new parish. God might give you more than you can handle, but you can trust that he will be with you along the way.