Summer feasts, celebrations and fun!


June 3: St. John XXIII

Watch this video of the opening of Vatican II on YouTube.

June 9: Immaculate Heart of Mary

June 13: St. Anthony of Padua

He finds the lost … including lost souls. 

June 17: Fathers’ Day

Have fun with Dad.

June 20: World Refuge Day

Donate to Catholic Charities to aid refugees from war and disaster

June 29: Sts. Peter and Paul

A holy day in many countries. Consider going to Mass.


July 2: Second Half of the Year Day

How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? A good day to start over.

July 3: St. Thomas

We all have doubts. Ask him to help increase your family’s faith.

July 15: St. Bonaventure

His name means “Good fortune!” Offer his name as a greeting today.

July 26: Sts. Joachim and Anne

Jesus’ grandparents. Remember your grandparents today.

July 29: St. Martha

Clean the house and then spend some time in prayer.

July 31—St. Ignatius Loyola

Founder of the Jesuits. Pray for Pope Francis, a Jesuit pope.


August 3: St. Lydia

Ask this first-century entrepreneur for help with a new business.

August 5: Friendship Day

Make a new friend today. Or reconnect with an old one.

August 11: St. Clare

Patron of TV. Watch a movie together.

August 15: Feast of the Assumption

Remember to go to Mass.

August 18: St. Helena

She is said to have found Jesus’ cross. Pray in front of a crucifix.

August 19: World Photo Day

Have a family picture taken outside your parish church.