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The Crosses in Our Lives

The real crosses in our lives often involve sacrifices for someone or something that ...

Beyond Tuna Noodle Casserole

Five ways to teach the lessons of Lent through family, food and fellowship

Light up your Advent days

Crafting your family's Advent wreath

Untangling the Catholic Web

We help you navigate the best sites for news, resources and opinions about the Faith

Lenten Meatless Meals

Five meatless recipes for every Friday in Lent

Lenten Pretzels

Here are two easy recipes for making homemade pretzels during your Lenten fast.

Reach for the Sun

Ideas to help your family harness joy in the winter months

"I Love You Unconditionally" doesn't fit on a candy heart

Guest blogger Cory Busse offers his take on the high-pressure holiday of Valentine's Day.