Sunday: The Lord’s Day and Our Day

A Christian duty to offer praise to God

Eucharist and Ecology?

Deep down, the ecological crisis is a spiritual crisis, and the Mass is the key to our ...

What Is the Liturgical Calendar?

The Christian year has the potential to transform how we see the world

Remember When…?

A look at the Eucharistic prayers

What Is Father Wearing?

The meaning of vestments in the Church

Holy Smoke!

Why do we use incense in worship?

All Saints' and All Souls' Days

What’s the background to these November celebrations?

The Cross Triumphant

What are the feasts of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows?

Light from the East

Knowledge of the Eastern Churches highlights unity and diversity that is truly, ...

Eucharistic Adoration

What’s the story behind Eucharistic devotions outside of Mass?

Understanding the Church Calendar

What are the differences between a solemnity, a feast and a memorial?

Matter and Form

What makes a sacrament valid?

“The Throne of Truth”

What is the feast of the Chair of St. Peter?

What is Virtue?

The perfection of human activity

What Are the O Antiphons?

Divine preparation and joyful anticipation of the Lord’s birth
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