Ways to celebrate religious education at your parish

2015 National Parish Religious Education Week

Confounding Times

The magic formula: we must be of Christ

A crisis among Catholic families

A survey of Catholic parents shows that a majority aren’t living out the fullness of ...

The Kingdom of God Is Now

The fertile ground for adult religious education

In Boston, inner-city teens find hope in the Church

Dozens of youth, including 48 scheduled to be confirmed June 6, find community, ...

Editorial: Spiritual parents

Catholic school teachers must be able to balance a strong Catholic identity with a ...

The struggle to retain post-Communion youth

Engaging activities, a personal encounter with Jesus are essential to retaining young ...

The Gleam of Faith

Priests, parents, singles, youth, all share in mission duty of making the Lord known

The All Important ‘Yes’

‘You don’t become a musician by reading about music, but by practice and training’

Editorial: Passing on the Faith through religious education

Parish Religious Education Week is a great opportunity to appreciate how vital parish ...

Massachusetts after-school program binds children to church

Daily program includes homework and recreation along with faith formation

‘Novus Mentis Habitus’

A new way of — thinking, being, serving?
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