Carrying each other's burdens

What do you do when you are feeling down? Do you turn to God? To others? 

As my six-year-old says, even when you feel lonely you can just remember that Jesus is always your friend! And since Christ's resurrection means that death has no power over us, we know that the saints who have gone before us are likewise ready to help us with their prayers.

Our activities this month illustrate the idea of carrying each other's burdens. Talk about how it feels when someone steps in and helps when you really need it. How do you feel when you take the weight from someone else? Look for ways this month to carry the burden for someone in your family or community and thank God when he offers you the same!

  • June at a Glance (PDF) -- Saints, dedication, liturgical colors. Download here.


K - 5 -- These "Ups and Downs of Life" paper towel tubes are sure to spark great discussion.

6 and up -- Get physical with this activity!  As an alternative to hopscotch you can try filling a bag or backpack with rocks.  Pass it around and talk about what it would be like to carry that bag around all day.  Then have each person remove a rock and contrast how the bag feels now that others are helping with the load.  

Saint of the Month

  • June 13 -- St. Anthony of Padua.  Learn the story behind the prayer: "Dear St. Anthony, please come around.  Something's been lost and can't be found." 
  • Potted basil with notes of affection (manjericoare often exchanged on this day in Lisbon, Portugal where St. Anthony was born.  Decorate your own pots of basil and pass them around to friends and family.  


"St Anthony's Bread" is the name given to alms for the poor in thanksgiving for the intercession of St. Anthony. In honor of his feast day this month, let your children choose a local charity that serves the poor. Then set up a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds. St. Anthony's Bread donations can also be sent directly to the Franciscan Missions. Click here for the form.

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

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