The most important thing

What would you do if Jesus was coming to visit your home as he did to the home of his friends Lazarus, Mary, and Martha in Luke 10:38-42?  I think I might be more like Martha - cleaning, cooking, wanting to have everything just right for my guest.  To be sure, hospitality is good and important, but in this story we learn that it needs to be done with something more in mind.  Jesus must always be at the center of all we do.  When we are making our schedules and to-do lists, how often do we put time in there for prayer and God?  Jesus teaches us in this story that he wants to feed us, not be fed.  By our example and our actions may we always teach our children this lesson of doing good like Martha with the heart of Mary. 


K - 5 -- Bring the story of Mary and Martha alive with this role play and song.  Have fun adding your own verses and actions!

6 and up -- Read the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible and have small groups act it out in skits.  Ask what the "one thing" is that Jesus is talking about.  Allow time for personal thought in a journal or quiet space, using the song Lament by Audrey Assad for added reflection.  End by having kids set a reminder on their phones or planners to spend time daily in prayer and contemplation.  

Saint of the Month

July 29 -- St. Martha. Download here (PDF).


Read the story The Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy and use the ideas presented to launch a discussion on serving others.  Have children make commitments for how they will serve others this month.  

Lifelong Catechesis Corner 

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