Know the Rosary, know the Gospel

The Rosary is one of our most foundational Catholic prayers. It is said that if you know the mysteries of the Rosary, you know the Gospel. As such, it is a great way to teach the foundation of our faith to our families.

With the daily chaos of everyday life, it can be difficult to find time to eat dinner together let alone find time to pray the Rosary. It can be helpful to turn the Rosary on in the car or download a Rosary app for your phone. Our kids sleep with Rosaries under their pillow. We can say a decade before bed and it is a wonderful reminder of God’s presence in their lives.

May God bless your family in this Month of the Holy Rosary!

October at a Glance (PDF). Download here.


  • Grades K-5: Help kids remember that October is traditionally dedicated to Mary with these fun crafts. Download here.
  • Grades 6 and up:  Help kids pray the Rosary.  Print this page as a guide for praying this devotional pray that honors the Virgin Mary. Download here.

Saint of the Month

October 4 -- St. Francis of Assisi. Download here.


Loaves & Fishes activity. Download here.

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

Activities online at the Lifelong Catechesis page.