Lenten family Fridays

This Lent, our family is starting a Lenten Family Friday tradition.  
Instead of our kids dreading Fridays during Lent (because of the fasting and abstinence), we are actually looking forward to the evening as a time for the whole family to gather together in faith. We are trying to make Fridays can be a time to put down our devices, a time to talk more intentionally about Christ’s message and mission, a time to slow down and pray together, even a time to explore some new meatless recipes as we engage in the penitential practices of the season.
This month, Teaching Catholic Kids is filled with ideas to start your Lent off on the right foot.

May God bless your Lenten journey!

K-5 Activity

Teach The Way of the Cross to kids with this creative activity. (Download PDF here.)

Grades 6 and Up Activity

Encourage your middle schooler to join you in the kitchen on Fridays to cook, connect and focus on faith. (Download PDF here.)

Catholic Stewardship for Kids

Throughout the year and especially during Lent, we collect items to share with the less fortunate.  Make these decorative boxes to collect food and other items to give away. (Download PDF here.)

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

What is one thing you will do during Lent to become more open to God in your life? Visit the Lifelong Catechesis page here.