Bunnies & Baskets: Making room for Christ this Easter

Are your children plotting how they are going to find the most eggs, or strategizing on whether they are going to eat the ears or the tail of the chocolate bunny first? It’s hard for Catholic parents to compete with the marketing blitz that happens around major holidays. We struggle with how to balance the reverence for the season and the joy of the trappings. This month’s Teaching Catholic Kids is filled with ways to keep Christ at the center of your Easter – all season long. One idea is to make a list of Easter words we use, such as Vigil and Resurrection. Use these words to help your children look for signs of Easter in their everyday life. Be sure to talk about what they saw during supper or before they go to bed. What signs of Easter did you see today?

Blessings on your Easter! Alleluia, He has risen!

Grade K-5 Activity

Easter and New Life -- Make connections for children about Easter and New Life through Resurrection and Springtime. Download here. (PDF)

Grade 6 + Activity

Palm Sunday -- Make Palm Crosses from left over palms as a reminder of the Easter season throughout the year. Download here. (PDF)

Stewardship for Children

Stewards of the Earth worksheet. Download here. (PDF)

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

We are resurrected people! What is good and new in your life? Visit the Lifelong Catechesis page here.