Celebrate Mom!

Last Mother’s Day, my kids gave me their picture in a frame made out of puzzle pieces. “We love you to pieces!” was scrawled in black ink along the bottom. I cried. It was one of those times in life when things were quite literally falling to pieces and this handmade reminder of their love was exactly what I needed. Moms know that the truly important things in life are often intangible. What do we want for our children? Courage and compassion, wisdom and fortitude, patience and a sense of wonder. And maybe a sense of humor thrown in for good measure. In other words -- the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This month, Teaching Catholic Kids is filled with ideas to help honor and celebrate the gift of motherhood – on Mother’s Day and beyond!

Grade K-5 Activity

Make Mother’s Day bracelets for moms. Download here (PDF).

Grade 6 + Activity

Make Mother’s Day Soap for moms. Download here (PDF).


May Crowning. Download here (PDF).

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

Pentecost Sunday: God’s breath – the Holy Spirit – gives us true life and peace. On the Lifelong Catechesis page, click "Sunday Readings and Backgrounds" at the top of the page.