Back to ritual and routine – Hallelujah!

While we say goodbye to summer in the fall, many parents rejoice at a return to the rituals and routines of the school year. Whether your children attend public school, Catholic school or you are homeschooling, a daily routine helps kids focus and grow. The same is true with our faith. Integrating faith and values lessons into the rhythms of your family life is a great way to help kids learn that the living God is with us each day. As we kick off another school year, this month’s Teaching Catholic Kids is loaded with ideas and activities to help you practice your Catholic faith at home.

May God bless you in the days ahead!

Heidi Busse

September at a  Glance: Download here (PDF)

Saints of the MonthThe Archangels: Gabriel, Michael and Raphael (PDF)

K-5 Activity

Leaf Art

Rake leaves into a big pile and take turns jumping in. Make a leaf church by raking the leaves into a kind of outline of the floor plan of  your church.  Say a prayer in the leaf church when it if completed. Make a leaf cross or other symbols of our faith with the fallen leaves. 

Grade 6 and Up Activity

Nature Walk

Go outside and take a nature walk.  Enjoy the cooler air as you look around to see all the signs of fall and the changing season.  Collect as many different leaves as you can find while you are enjoying the beauty of God’s creation around you.   


A Steward at School (PDF)

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

Jesus teaches us to share what we have with others.  What do you have that you are able to share? Visit the Lifelong Catechesis page here.