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Autumn is here. This time of year, schedules fill up quickly and your family is constantly on the go—from classes and practices to lessons, studies, and projects. Finding balance and fostering healthy habits is important to maintaining a successful and joyful school year. One of the most important things you can do to prepare your child for learning and to keep her healthy all year is to establish a regular sleep schedule.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, elementary-aged children need 9 -11 hours of sleep, and teens need 8 – 10 hours. Good sleep prepares your child to make better decisions and helps with concentration skills.  It’s important for you,

One of the best ways to fall asleep is to develop a habit of prayer before bed. Whether you say a rosary or talk to God about your day, it’s important to teach our kids to begin and end their day in prayer. In our house, we like to thank God for all of the gifts he gives us each day and ask for his blessing upon anyone who is sick, suffering or alone. Knowing that God is in control helps kids (and adults) find peace.

May God bless you in the days ahead!

Heidi Busse

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