A month of gratefulness

November -- what a month! It begins with the Solemnity of All Saints Day, with All Souls Day close behind. This year, it's a month in Ordinary Time, for Advent will not begin until Dec. 3. We'll celebrate Veteran's Day on November 11, and the feasts of several saints including St. Leo the Great, St. Martin of Tours and St. Cecilia. On November 21, we'll celebrate the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; and on Sunday, Nov. 26, it's the solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.


As Catholics, we should always remember to stop and give thanks for the great blessings the Church gives us in our feasts, saints and the spiritual grounding of the liturgical calendar. As always, November brings with it another opportunity to say "Thank You" to God, along with our fellow Americans, on Thanksgiving. Family, food, football -- and for many, shopping! -- should not overwhelm the purpose of the day: To both show and tell the Lord how grateful we are for all his blessings. Whether you donate food to a food bank, make a donation to a homeless shelter, help serve a meal at a soup kitchen, or just share your meal with a neighbor or friend, when you bow your heads and say, "Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts," know your prayer is joined with millions around the United States and the world in a big-hearted prayer of gratefulness.

The history of Thanksgiving is long and amazing! Read more about it here. What was the menu at the first Thanksgiving? Probably not what you're having! Read more in The Smithsonian Magazine.

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