Finding joy in January

January is a month of beginnings -- we embark on a new year, we try out new habits and resolutions, and, after the Christmas season ends with Epiphany on January 7, we begin a new season of Ordinary Time.

Our saint of the month is Elizabeth Ann Seton, a loving wife and mother, a faithful teacher and a holy consecrated woman. She is remembered as the mother of Catholic education in the United States -- a perfect fit for Teaching Catholic Kids! Read more about her here.

January is a good time to take time -- to read a book (or a Bible story?) with your kids on a snowy afternoon, or for those in warmer climes, to take a walk or a bike ride. After the holiday rush, slow down, look around and thank God for the busy times and the quiet times, the cold times and the warm ones, the old year and the new.

January at a Glance: Download PDF.

Saint of the Month: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Download PDF.)

K-Grade 5 Activity

Cloud Gazing: Take advantage of the cloudy days of January by going outside for cloud gazing. Then come back inside and recreate the cloud shapes. Learn more about clouds here. Download PDF craft activity here.

Grade 6 and Up Activity

Remembering Ancient Traditions with homemade air freshener. Download PDF.


Remember all of God’s creation during the cold winter months with these simple bird feeders. Download PDF.

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

Questions of the Week here.