Celebrate Easter, celebrate spring! The somber days of Lent and the long days of winter are over! This year April begins with the joy of the resurrection of the Lord on Easter -- and also the joy of spring. 

During the 50 days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday, we proclaim and sing the word "alleluia," which means, "Praise the Lord." We are reminded that Jesus has overcome death. We are given the assurance that our lives have meaning and purpose. And we have the promise of eternal life with Jesus in heaven.

Somehow, as we watch the spring season come alive around us -- as the grass and trees get green, the birds sing and flowers begin to bloom -- it's easy to imagine the apostles' joy as they rejoiced in the presence of Christ, and later, in the promise of Pentecost.

This month on Teaching Catholic Kids, our activities center on new life: in Christ, and on the earth.

April at a Glance: Download PDF

Saint of the Month: St. Mark the Evangelist (Download PDF).

K through 5 activity

Celebrate Arbor Day with this puzzle tree project. (Download PDF)

Grades 6 and up activity

Talk about the liturgical year with focus on the Easter season. (Download PDF)

Stewardship for kids

Have children create a set of Earth Care Cards. (Download PDF)

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

Question of the month: This Easter season, what is good and new in your life?