Have a faith-filled summer!

We won't keep you! Pop in here for a minute and download some summer activities and ideas, then get back out there and SUMMER.

Here's a list of something cool -- from saints' stories to teddy bear picnics to fun old jokes -- for every day in July (and August).

Need some water activities for hot summer days? We have those, too. (With Scripture!)

Need more? More saints? More fun? More Ordinary Time ideas? Click right here.

July at a Glance: Download PDF

Saint of the Month:  Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (Download PDF)

K through 5 activity

Splash! The Wonders of Water/Water Safety (Download PDF)

Grades 6 and up activity

On Fire with the Faith

Fireflies (also called lightning bugs) are neither bugs nor flies. They are beetles. And although they all look the same to us, there are more than 2000 species of fireflies around the world. Fireflies light up the evening sky by creating a chemical reaction in their abdomen that causes them to glow. They flash signals to each other as a way of communicating. They literally let their lights shine!

Family Activity

Fireflies are usually found in tall grasses throughout the summer months. Stay up late one summer night and watch the firefly light show. Talk about how we as Christians are called to let our lights shine for others. What are the “lights” (gifts or talents) God has given you? How might you share that light with others? Have you ever hidden your light? When and Why?

Stewardship for Kids

Live Your Faith: Download PDF

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

Discuss what the family can do to bring more happiness and joy into the life of someone who is suffering. Make plans to visit this person. More here.