The Sacraments of Healing today

The mysteries of God’s healing power offer the Church ways to reach those hurting

January 30, 2019 – Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

The Parable of the Sower/The Purpose of the Parables

Parishes, dioceses feeling the financial pinch

Second collections noticeably down as parishioners struggle with lack of trust in ...

Establishment of religion under scrutiny

SCOTUS case on cross-shaped memorial may settle interpretation of First Amendment clause

Seven Sisters Apostolate brings healing, peace through prayer

Women across the country and the world take action by dedicating an hour each week to ...

App lets God ‘hallow our lives’

New app allows users to go beyond one-sided prayer, be open to God’s voice through ...

Opening the Word: The least of these

When it comes to leadership within the Church, Christ is looking for fidelity, not ...

Six tips for developing a generous heart

As children of God and brothers and sisters to an eternal king, we have a noble ...

Demon hierarchy

Experienced exorcists throughout history say there are different ranks, levels of ...

A breath of fresh air

As the turmoil from recent media scandals causes greater division, we could all use ...

An end to ignorance

The Reproductive Health Act compels us to better educate our nation about the truth of ...

Letters to the editor for Feb. 10-16, 2019

Dioceses, Catholics in Congress, Basic Income, Suicide, Pro-Life
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