Understanding Stewardship. Spanish

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  • Copyright: 2012
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Stewardship -- it is a word most Catholics have heard many, many times, but few have a complete understanding of its full meaning. This helpful pamphlet, created just for Spanish speaking Catholics, spells out the exact definition of the word, and empahsizes its importance as a pathway to receiving God's blessings. Readers will discover the five keys to stewardship given to us by Jesus:

  • Spending time with God
  • Realizing God has chosen us
  • Answering the call to contribute something to God
  • Trusting in God's abundance
  • And the command to love and serve as part of the mystical Body of Christ.
  • Catholics of all ages will find practical ways to respond to the call to practice good stewardship. This pamphlet is the ideal addition to your regular educational literature, either in the back of the church, as a bulletin insert, or as a special mailing to parishioners.

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