John Paul II: The Pope of Divine Mercy

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With his beatification on May 1, 2011, Pope John Paul II drew a major step closer to sainthood -- the crowning glory for an extraordinary pope whose 26-year-long papacy revitialized the Catholic Church. He made 104 trips to 133 countries, energizing local churches and connecting them ever more strongly to the universal Church and the papacy. He encouraged new lay movements and organizations, which sought to help all Catholics grow in personal holiness. He authorized the first universal catechism for the Catholic Church since the Council of Trent in the mid-16th century. He introduced World Youth Day to reconnect young Catholics with their faith. He helped bring about the collapse of the Soviet empire, and then set about reviving Catholicism in Eastern Europe.

He was also devoted to the Divine Mercy. Pope John Paul II said that Pope John Paul taught us "the cult of Divine Mercy is not a secondary devotion but an integral dimension of Christian faith and prayer."

The message of Divine Mercy is "God's gift to our time." The Second Sunday of Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday drew attention to the intimate connection between the Paschal Mystery and the infinite mercy of God.

Blessed John Paul II linked forgivesness with mercy. He forgave Mehmet Ali Agca, the 23-year-old who shot him four times on May 13, 1981.

The first step in making devotion to the Divine Mercy is to place all your trust in Jesus, to have complete confidence in his love and mercy.

Included in this pamphlet is Blessed John Paul II's Ways of Divine Mercy; the Corporal List of Mercy; the Spiritual Works of Mercy, and How to Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

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