Catholic Stewardship: Sharing God's Gifts

  • Author: Colleen Smith
  • ISBN: 9780970775641
  • ID #: T1
  • Copyright: 2001
  • Pages: 80
  • Format: Booklet
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How often have you been told to "give till it hurts"? But giving shouldn't hurt at all. It should bring us deep and real joy. Here's a little booklet that shows how we can all manage God's gifts better, taking the first steps toward becoming better stewards.

What is stewardship? It's more than just giving money. Every time you sing at Mass, visit the sick, recycle old cans, or even pray, you're making good use of the gifts God gave you.

Filled with motivating stories and insights, it's the perfect book to get you started on a journey toward real stewardship. It's also an ideal gift for a friend.