The Way God Teaches: Keeping Kids Attention

  • ISBN: 9781612788210
  • ID #: X1627
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Pages: 16
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This simple, practical booklet, teaches catechists and teachers how to keep kids attention - and begin teaching the way God teaches us!

In just 16 pages, you'll learn:

  • The principles of the Divine Pedagogy - and why the way God teaches us the best way to teach others
  • How to make the process invitational and centered on the child's needs
  • How to apply proven techniques to make question and discussion come alive
  • How to use all the senses to make the lessons real
  • How connecting to family and community fosters learning
  • How to create structure the opens the mind to understanding
  • And more!

Also includes a handy checklist for including children with special needs or ADHD.