Approaching Easter with Joy

Have you ever wondered where the word Lent came from, anyway? 

In other languages, the name for Lent implies "forty" -- Quaresima in Italian or Cuaresma in Spanish, for example. In English, its origins are in the Anglo-Saxon word lencten, which means "lengthen," or "spring." It seems appropriate, doesn't it? 

As we move through Lent, the daylight hours are literally lengthening and we start to see signs of spring. We ourselves are experiencing the rebirth that comes from repentance and turning to God with our whole hearts during Lent. On Palm Sunday, Holy Week begins with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. TCK for March brings you ideas to make it a sacred time for children and families.

Download "March at a Glance."


K - 5

Set up a "path of Holy Week" for children to explore. Each stopping point includes a story and simple symbols. Spend time sharing the story and symbols, then invite children to return to these places for quiet reflection.

Download "Holy Week" (PDF)

6 and up

Familiarize students with the Stations of the Cross in this project.  After completing the stations, pray them together and encourage students to do the same at home.  For more "low-tech" versions try these two ideas:

METHOD 1: Use a glue stick to attach heavy-duty aluminum foil to pieces of sturdy cardboard (smooth, not corrugated) and secure on the back. Place the patterns on top and use a dull pencil to engrave the designs. You could also engrave on foil pie plates. 

METHOD 2: Enlarge the designs and transfer the images directly onto pieces of smooth cardboard. Trace all the lines with tacky glue and allow them to dry thoroughly. Use a glue stick to attach heavy duty foil on top and around the sides; smooth around the glue lines with your fingers or a Q-tip to create an embossed look.

Download "Stations of the Cross."

Saint of the Month

March 24 -- Archbishop Oscar Romero

Download "St. Oscar Romero."


Download "Basket Collection" and "Basket Blessing"

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

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